What is the Specialty Pathways Portal?

The Specialty Pathways Portal is an online, open-access digital resource to assist medical students and pre-vocational junior medical officers (JMOs) in navigating the selection of their vocational specialty training pathway, and allow them to make an informed decision into the selection requirements and training expectations of each postgraduate specialty training college. 

This resource has been developed by JMOs for JMOs. 

Who has created this resource?

The information found in this portal has been painstakingly collated by JMOs for JMOs. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and currency of the information presented on this website, but recent changes made by Specialist Medical Colleges may not be reflected in real time; please consult with the respective Specialist Medical College websites for the latest information. PMCV and JMO Victoria accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies, errors, or omissions. 

Major updates of this resource will be conducted in a biannual fashion (with minor changes made ad hoc throughout the year). 

The following JMOs have been involved in this project:

2020: Drs Ru Dee Chung (project lead), Jason Ha, Lai Kwan Soo, Sameer Sharma, Nikki Petrakis, Chris Hardy

2021: Drs Jason Ha (project lead), Stefan Saggese, Rav Gaddam, Cassandra Lee, Shao Qin Lim, Su Lee, George He, Thomas Vu

2022: Drs Jason Ha (project lead), Carla Borg Caruana, Will Slifirski, Milan van Ammers, Jaidyn Muhandiramge, Ben Rao, Liz Mansourian, Christian Gan, Shao Qin Lim

I have a suggestion / correction to make (or I would like to join the team). How do I contact them?

As college requirements change from year to year, so too will this resource to reflect these changes. 

We welcome and strongly encourage all suggestions or comments. We would also be delighted to have more JMOs involved with the curation of this vital resource. 

Please get in touch with the JMO Victoria team, via the feedback form.